How to Reduce Your Toddlers Picky Eating Habits

How to Reduce Your Toddlers Picky Eating Habits

If you’re a mom, you most likely at some point have experienced your toddler’s picky eating habits’. Amongst moms, this has to be one of the most frustrating issues that occur regularly. I have watched moms go above and beyond in the kitchen preparing the perfect dinner, only to watch their toddler refuse to eat, or only take a few bites. I was at my best friend’s house one evening a couple of weeks ago and watched her cook the most delicious and nutritious meal of organic chicken, rice and broccoli. However, all her son wanted was to eat the whipped cream that came along with the strawberries she had laid out for dessert.

The amount of frustration I see moms face when they encounter this problem is unbearable, to say the least. Moms want to ensure their toddlers are getting the right amount of calories and so their children can continue to grow and reach their target percentile when at their next pediatrician visit. The one thing moms have to know is they’re not alone when it comes to this problem. Many moms endure their picky toddlers eating rituals.

Here Are Some Great Ways To Overcome The Most Pickiest Toddler

Let Them Have An Input

When babies turn into toddlers, they are learning how to show their independence by being picky with what they put into their mouths. In certain ways, you could argue that a picky toddler is developing their voice and making their first-ever conscious verbal decisions. One way to break through their pickiness is to allow them to have a say in what they eat by giving them the power of choice. Ask them to choose between two food choices (that are already available), for example, do you want broccoli or peas? Toddlers love to emulate adults, so giving them their own sense of control can be a solution to your child’s picky habits.

Let Them Dip

Funny as it may seem, I have noticed many toddlers lately really enjoy dipping their food into some kind of sauce. My friend’s daughter lights up with a big smile the moment she see’s her dipping bowl come on the table. Try preparing meals around foods toddlers can dip into sauces, such as shredded chicken, veggies, and crackers. Toddlers look at dipping as kind of a fun game they can play using their food. Yes, dipping can lead to dipping sauce all over your toddlers face, however, if it giving them the calories they need to grow, is a messy face all that big a deal? That’s where bibs come in handy!

What Should Mommy Do - Let Them Dip

Mommy, Can I Help?

When your little tyke waddles their way into the kitchen while you are cooking, think of something they can help with. Little toddlers are always wanting to be involved in everything that goes on at home, so why not let them have a helping hand in the kitchen! When children feel involved they are more likely to respond better, even to eating. It can be as easy as pressing the on-button for the oven or adding an ingredient into the mix. Letting your little one be involved can encourage them to eat what they just helped make.

What Should Mommy Do - Mommy Can I Help