When Choosing The Right Doctor

Between crazed days with family, work and everything else, mommy’s have to not only remember doctor appointments but also have to choose the right doctor.

The question is, which doctor is the right one? The M.D vs. D.O physician as well as more mid-level providers on the rise, such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, it can become downright confusing on who is providing you or your child’s care…

Let’s not forget to mention the list of different specialties from Family Medicine, Obgyn’s, Pediatricians and Internal Medicine, where do you go for what? Another collection of the What Should Mommy Do.. series of books, What Should Mommy Do… When Choosing The Right Doctor makes things simple for mommy in finding the right medical professional and practice.

When Her Child Has A Toothache?

When it comes to medical-related issues with your child from the common cold to that scrape of the knee, Dr. Mommy seems to have it handled, however when it comes to a toothache or dental related issues, things can take on a much different turn.

Whether it’s choosing the right dentist for your child to handling any middle of the night toothache crises, dental care will show its colors in some way or another. What Should Mommy Do…When Her Child Has A toothache gives mommy’s advice on how to conquer dental problems and educates on the different dental professions and practices in a fun comical fashion.

Written by Desmond Marquez, this is the first book that is part of the What Should Mommy Do… series.

How To Prepare For Baby's Arrival

Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be nothing short of stressful. The many thoughts and concerns whirling through your mind are most likely keeping you up at night. From getting the nursery all set up, to fear if you have enough diapers at hand.

What Should Mommy Do… To Prepare for Babys Arrival is another series favorite written by author Desmond Marquez. The book highlights important aspects to help expecting mommy’s prepare for the baby’s due date. With busy hectic schedules, long days at work and let’s not forget pregnancy brain, it can seem impossible to cram one more thing into your memory.

This informative entertaining easy read assists keeping expecting moms prepared leading right up to the birth.