Choosing the Right Pediatrician For Your Baby

Choosing the Right Pediatrician For Your Baby

Congratulations you’re a new mom or about to be a new mom. With all the excitement surrounding being a new mom, one of the new things you’ll have to do is find a pediatrician for your baby. But where do you even begin finding the right pediatrician that will be the right fit for you and your baby? Back when I was premed I spent a lot of time in pediatrics and realized that many moms are completely lost when it comes to choosing the right pediatrician.

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Here Are Some Ways To Help You Find The Right Pediatrician

Talk With Other Moms

Moms are our greatest resource…. and that means collaborating and asking other moms who they have used for a pediatrician. All moms realize the importance of having a pediatrician who you can trust to monitor your baby’s health and wellness. From my personal experience shadowing multiple pediatricians, each has their own special approach to patient care. Talking with other moms can give you valuable insight into their personal experience with their pediatrician.

Do your Homework

Read, Read and Read! In today’s world, everyone leaves reviews, leaving you a click away from a wealth of information right at your fingertips on your smartphone. Find out what other moms had to say about their experience and the level of care their child has received. You can receive great information about different pediatrician from websites such as or to help you come to a decision.

Talk To Your OBGYN

Talking with your ob-gyn about finding the right pediatrician is always a good resource. An ob-gyn can lead you in the right direction because they work with pediatricians regularly during labor and delivery, so they have firsthand experience and knowledge on which pediatricians have a great reputation. Infer about who they like working with best and who they think would be a good match for your baby.

Q & A During Your First Meeting

When you first meet with your new pediatrician, it’s important to come with a list of questions you may have. The first wellness visit is usually scheduled to be a longer visit, to have the opportunity to have the time to get to know your pediatrician. Make sure you feel as though your pediatrician understands your concerns as a parent and that you don’t feel rushed. The chemistry between you, and your baby’s pediatrician needs to be great as well, not everyone’s personalities are a match, so you want to make sure there is a connection between you the pediatrician and your baby.

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