Mommy’s Night Out

Mommy’s Night Out

No matter how much you love and adore your children, sometimes moms just need a fun night out to let loose and unwind. Let me be clear here, a Fun Night OUT, not staying in your pj’s binge-watching Netflix or talking on the phone all night. Leaving your house to enjoy a night out is all about maintaining your own identity, you know, the one you had before children came into the picture. It’s easy for moms to become so involved with their children and daily routines that you start to lose the fun part of yourself that used to exist.

I’m sure you treasure the home you live in, however, they’re constant reminders of your daily routine everywhere. Mix it up and leave your home for the night so you can get out and have some fresh air without the little ones tagging along.

Some Fun Ideas For A Fun Night Out

Bring Back Date Night

Remember date night? The time you and your other half used to go out together and enjoy each other’s company, without the discussion of diapers, daycare or anything child-related. Well, its time to bring date night back from the past. Date night is a great way to reconnect with your other half. Between children, work and daily routines, sometimes that spark you had for each other may be on the fritz.

Usually, that means you are due an evening with just the two of you where you focus on each other, not your children. Remember you and your other half are people too, with your own needs and desires. My best friend arranges a date night with her husband twice a month, typically at a fine dining restaurant where there won’t be a reminder of children. The night out makes them travel back in time for a brief moment, when it was just the two of them. Plan a date night centered around something you both enjoy and make the most out of your time together.

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Dress Up and Look Fabulous

I don’t care if you are going on a date night, out with the girls or your gay best friend, make yourself glamorous for the night. Moms tell me often when children come into the picture, they tend to just lose the desire to take the time to dress up and look pretty. Remember the old expression “when you look great you feel great”. Shallow as it may sound, moms need to sometimes feel stunning on the outside, to help them feel great on the inside.

Yes, it’s the complete opposite of what people normally say, however in this circumstance it does have some merit. When I go out for the night with my friends (who are moms), I always tell them to strap on those heels and wear something fun. Dressing up rises up their spirits and creates the foundation for a fun night out.

A Night Out With Your Friends

Has it been a while since you had a fun night out with your friends without the kiddos? If you had to think for more than 5 seconds when the last time was, it’s been too long. Making time to hang out with your friends is a great way to take a break away from your daily routine.

Friends provide that external support and understanding, you sometimes need outside of your immediate family. Even though it can be a challenge to coordinate schedules to match up with your friends, it’s important to take the time to do so. Friendships provide give you an outlet to truly be yourself and openly speak your mind without judgment.

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