About Desmond Marquez

My story begins years ago when I was a little kid. I was the odd ball, corky young child, who didn’t seem to fit in.

At a very young age, I would discuss topics such as investments, property and retirement with other children, although stimulating conversation for an adult, , not so much for children on the playground.

Inside the classroom was always a struggle for me as well; trying to focus and concentrate was always quite difficult. It was though I felt I was intelligent, but was bound in such a way, not able to show it through my grades.

Growing up with career oriented, college educated parents, was a great blessing and influence I had, which was especially rare, having an African American background. I always strived to emulate my parents and make them proud and overcome my challenges in school.

Many years later, while in college, I was diagnosed with a learning disability, ADD and slightly on the autism spectrum.

Everything started to make sense, as well as come together; I discovered the proper learning tools to help with enhancing my grades in school. I was finally on the correct path to “understanding” myself more clearly.

“Intellect sometimes is delivered to us in different ingenious ways.”

A lot of my life lessons I learned these past two years were, my fears – which I had let cycle in my mind all came true. My mother was diagnosed with kidney cancer, two great friendships I valued closely, for over 16 years, ended abruptly, and in late February when I thought the storm had cleared, I was suddenly broken up with.

“I was suddenly dumped, so I pulled up my selves and wrote a book series.”

So following the cyclone I went through, I began looking for a healthy, positive and constructive way to place my energy. I had recently started a student internship with Street Teens Nonprofit, and very quickly, I was able to refocus my mindset, diving headfirst into my internship. Learning about the struggles and challenges homeless youth face daily, as well as the lack of funding to support small nonprofits organizations; I truly had nothing to complain about.

During this time, I heard a disheartening story from a long time friend, about her five-year-old son’s recent trip to the dentist. Beginning from the terrible bedside manner, to the lack of communication from the dentist, to placing a child under unnecessary dental surgery and sedation.  For a five-year-old child to endure this,  was simply not acceptable.

“Pain, Suffering, Failure and Acceptance, are the key components to rebuilding a strong foundation.” 

I continually repeated the story in my mind for days after hearing it, however, realizing the true cause and effect of how this situation took place. I myself, being a pre-dental student, realized the importance of a way to help parents understand certain medical terms.


It was then, at that point, I knew that the “What Should Mommy Do” … book series was born.

The idea may have been conceived; however, research had to be completed, so I spent a great amount of time talking with physicians and families, all across the spectrum, to discover a common bond in the lack of knowledge with medical terminology. Many people found, even some of the most basic medical terms intimidating, therefore, the only option was to rely on the doctor’s decisions.

It was, in a sense, self- debilitating, the lack of awareness and understanding amongst many of us, from all social classes. After gathering all the information I had from many sources, I initiated the first steps of the “What Should Mommy Do…” series.

Six months later, I have unveiled over 13 mockup books on various matters to be presented to different publishers. This series has so much of my mind, body and soul instilled into it.