“Children are not born with a book of instructions.”


The “What Should Mommy Do” series is a family-fun educational page turner, written by Desmond R. Marquez. The series includes over 25 unique books with captivating storylines. As you journey into the series, you’ll observe lives of various family dynamics. The everyday families find themselves in real life-challenging situations and obstacles, which many parents and children can obviously relate to.

Like in the first book ever written, “What Should Mommy Do about Micah’s Midnight Toothache?” Mommy is woken up in the middle of the night by a crying Micah who is in severe pain. The many choices and decisions contemplating through Mommy’s head all at once can be quite overwhelming. What Should Mommy Do…? As the book continues to unravel the journey, Mommy is able to learn and understand the right choices to make in the current situation. The series glides through the complicated world of medicine and the much unknown language of medical terminologies.

In the book, “What Should Mommy Do…,” When finding the best doctor for Mommy, Daddy and Jacob, the family discovers the many different types of medical practitioners and the various options they have when choosing the right doctor for their family. Mommy learns the difference between a family medicine doctor and an internal medicine doctor. Daddy is educated on the difference between a doctor who has an M.D. degree and one who has a D.O. degree. While Jacob fears getting a shot, while being seen by the doctor.

“Children aren’t born with a book of instructions” however, the “What Should Mommy Do…” series of books, provides fun-filled educational stories, which can be enjoyed by the entire family.