As a newlywed couple, many people keep asking us the time we plan to extend our little family. At this point, we’re just enjoying each other and haven’t given too much thought, to exactly when we will have children. However, when the time comes, we want to be ready and fully prepared for the many life events having children can bring. The What Should Mommy Do… series gave my husband and I, a great perspective on the different events and decisions which comes along with parenting. Reading, What Should Mommy Do… When Finding a Doctor for Mommy, Daddy, and Jacob? educated us, on the approach we will take, with choosing the right type of doctor for our family. As the books quotes, “Children aren’t born with a book of instructions” so for couples who plan on starting a family someday, the What Should Mommy Do… series of books can really give parents-to-be a great jump start.

The Gones Family…

As a wife and mother of two wonderful children, sometimes our life becomes overwhelmingly jumbled with the many life events, which indeed, comes along with raising a family. There are times, when I ( like so many other mothers) find myself in a compromising family situation, not knowing the best course of action or the proper meaning to certain complex medical terms. Thankfully our family has discovered the “What Should Mommy Do… and What Should Daddy Do… book series. The books provided our family with a greater medical knowledge; this helped us in choosing the correct doctor to best fit our family. The books are designed to educate, not just the parents, but children as well all in a fun filled comical story. This is our family’s new Webster’s Dictionary and it should be yours. I’m looking forward to when the “What Should Mommy Do… books become publically available.

The Fanter Family

The What Should Mommy Do… series is so well written and very helpful as a mom of two. I also feel like the teens which we provide services to through our nonprofit organization Street Teens would greatly benefit from the series. Parenting can be overwhelming and these books help in simplifying various medical terms and situations . I would definitely recommend the books to any newly expecting mom as well; I know she would appreciate them as much as I do.

Lisa Preston

Executive Director

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