Fun Products

Jet- Setting Travel Pack 

Coming Soon…

The Jet- Setting Travel Pack is a portable pull-out box, containing all your travel essentials for your next flight. Mommy, Daddy and Children each can travel with their own individual travel pack, containing travel essentials specifically for them.

Also Check out the book What Should Mommy Do… When flying with Daddy and Emma? For understanding, all of your travel concerns.

On the Go! First Aid Kit

Coming Soon…

Being a parent, on the go with your children, accidents happen , thankfully there is the On the Go! First Aid Kit, from the What Should Mommy Do…Brand. You can now be more prepared with the convenience of a portable first aid kit, equipped with all your first aid essentials!

The What Should Children Do… On the Go! First Aid Kit, is designed just for kids to carry around with them in their backpack, at school, soccer games, bike rides, etc ,so they are well prepared for those unexpected minor injuries.